Weekly Mixed Cuentos (6/2020).

Hello from the inside! 🙂

Here are the weekly mixed cuentos, I hope they will help you in some way. I, for one, have finally reached the breaking point and got into baking today, creating quite a mess around the kitchen and a very horrible looking cake, so I guess the end of the world is indeed near 🙂 . All jokes aside, stay safe and take care of yourself and each other.

So, first thing first, music:

This short movie is guaranteed to warm your heart. Wisdom in its purest form in such tiny bodies 🙂 They don’t care that much that they are not scoring, since they are having so much fun:

I liked this perspective on why we cannot get super-motivated during this pandemic:

When the tide recedes, we are forced to face what was just beneath the surface all along. If you wanted to write that book, you’d be using this time to write that book. Except you probably would have been writing it beforehand anyway, because time wasn’t the problem.

Maybe what you needed was permission to be who you are and want what you want. To let go of the tension, resistance, and fear that was leading you to swallow your days whole in busyness.

Busyness that was unsustainable and, if you’d believe it, unproductive.

Half of it probably wasn’t even moving you toward the life you wanted, but distracting you from the one you don’t.”

I was very touched by this:

This article explains how owls fly so silently. I know, you were always wondering 🙂

Pure genius:

And this 🙂 ❤

A psychologist’s take on how to deal with the pandemic anxiety.

And this:

That’s all for now!

Be good and do good!



Featured photo: Unsplash

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