This too shall pass.

I really wanted to share some of the wisdom gathered by attending the webinar organized last week by The School of Life Amsterdam last week, featuring Julia Samuel, who is a renowned psychotherapist specializing in grief. This too shall pass is also the title of her recent book, which is meant to explore the eternal dilemma: since change is the natural order of things, why do we so often struggle with it?

I really wanted to, but it seems that my most medical trait is my hand writing, since I cannot understand my notes. Also, my mind is racing, I am not able to write a beautiful story about the event, the anxiety and exhaustion are hard these days for me. Nevertheless, since I surprised myself browsing around photos from my holiday last year, I got the idea of preparing some posters with some messages that Julia mentioned in her talk, pasted on photos from some dreamy places where I was lucky enough to travel when travel was still possible.

Don’t judge me too hard, I am obviously not an artist, nor did I have too much time to invest in this activity, I just searched the first poster template in Canva 🙂 Just focus on the message and the dream that maybe we’ll be able to explore the beauty of travelling again soon enough.

Here it goes:

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