Weekly Mixed Cuentos (8/2020).

Hello, my dears!

In the midst of such chaos, I am here to bring some mixed cuentos. Maybe this can help our minds to wander and our souls to dream. Here it goes:

To listen

To see

I highly recommend Beautiful boy, a movie of powerful elegance, describing addiction and its consequences on the whole family. I have lost somebody to addiction and I am no stranger to the drama addictions can (and most often than not do) bring, not only at their center, but also all around. We tend to judge a lot, I think, but this movie highlights the largely unknown touches of despair. The story is a real one (it is based on 2 books). Only after you have seen the movie I recommend reading this piece. All in all, this movie is pretty mind-blowing. The acting is incredibly good (duh, Timothée….). I loved it. There is no other way but to admit it. I loved this movie.

To read

I have listened to Period. It’s about bloody time, by Emma Barnett, on Scribd. It was somewhat funny, somewhat sad, somewhat well-written, somewhat repetitive. It was a good listen, though (As I mentioned, my current state makes it impossible for me stay still and read, unfortunately. I do try, though. Hope the lockdown helped at least some of you to read 1000 books already 🙂 ).

I have also started The Henna Artist, by Alka Joshi, which is this month’s recommendation from Reese’s Book Club. I usually love their picks, so let’s see.

Other mixed cuentos

“To paraphrase Anton Chekhov and/or The Spice Girls: Tell me what you miss, and I’ll tell you who you are”. This is an easy to read article, the main idea being that what we miss is an essential clue to who we are. So, what do you miss right now?

This is a funny sum-up of customers receiving delivery these days.

The ever so important reminder that whatever you are feeling right now, it is ok!

Me, this week:

The images here are truly a balm for tired and hurting eyes and heart:

It is likely now that Barcelona will go from too much tourism to no tourism. Many people are optimistic about the “new” future, but I must admit that I am too tangled in the present for a proper opinion on what will come…

As important as ever: how to blow your own horn without embarrassment or apology.

Have a great week ahead!

Sending you a virtual hug,


Featured photo: Made by yours truly, last summer, when freedom had another meaning.

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