Unlocking the lockdown: The whimsical Lady Loquita.

With the restrictions very slowly lifting and the lockdown partially removed, we finally see a small ray of light in this tunnel of anxiety and worries. However, I think the days of wandering in little shops around the lovely and sunny Barcelona are still very much a matter of dreams for the time being (and for the months to come, truth be told). As small shops begin to open for limited hours and only for clients who booked their slot, support was never more important.

This is why in this episode of the #unlockingthelockdown series I’ll write (again 🙂 ) about one of the most beautiful little shops in Gracia, Lady Loquita. As you may remember, this series is meant to describe special people and projects, potentially affected by the current chaotic situation (like all of us, in a way or another), aiming for us to support each other, learn together and explore other stories.

I am not exactly sure when I discovered this little precious gem, but it was soon after arriving in Barcelona and I am so very happy I did. I have bought quite a few dresses and even my first ever earrings from them. They don’t sell large numbers of the same item and their products are mostly from local designers.

Apart from wonderful clothes, there are many accessories on display. But, even their awesome products are nothing compared to the magic of the place itself. High ceilings, perfect touches of wood, spacious fitting rooms, hidden shelves, beautiful music, entering this shop is a special experience by itself.

Ladyloquita, la tienda de jóvenes diseñadores.
Photo: Pinterest

It oozes warmth, joy and color. There is no pressure, only smiles. It has its own vintage spirit. Easy to understand why I considered it a treat for lazy Friday afternoons. Also, I discovered some of my now beloved brands while browsing around, with values I relate to (or at least I try to), like ethically sourced fabrics and ethical production.

In view of the surreal pandemics we are now facing, I was curious to see how Laura, the shop owner, is navigating everything. So I sent her some questions and she so very kindly answered. 🙂

From the “before”, she misses the freedom to interact with customers naturally. Now, the masks are a must and masks are hiding the smiles. On a more personal note, she’ll miss going to the beach – it seems like we won’t be allowed to go, but even if we could go, it will be very crowded. She also misses having get togethers with her friends at her place. She has a 5-year-old son and it is difficult for her to know that for now he can’t actually play close to other kids.

Laura thinks that after this crisis people will be more mindful regarding their shopping pattern and will prioritize local shopping. This was already the general profile of her customers, about whom she added that they are very nice and devoted. She likes the fact that her clients value her work and are not shy in sharing that with her.

I wanted to know which products from her shop were currently her favorite. During the pandemics she opened an online shop, so I can show some of them to you 🙂 She loves the Tiralilacha dresses (me too, I honestly adore them!), which are already a classic of the Lady Loquita shop.

She also loves the Capitán Denim trousers – this is a brand from Albacete, comitted to the environment.

Among her favorites she also mentioned the Tocs handbags, made in Barcelona. These are very recent members of the Lady Loquita box of surprises 🙂

A word defining this chaotic period for Laura is Motivation. Should she give herself a piece of advice a year ago, in order to better prepare for everything, she would say to take decisions and act quicker.

You can find a piece of the Lady Loquita world online, either on their web, their Facebook page, Pinterest or Instagram. When the time will be right, you can visit the shop (for now, you need to contact prior to your visit, the pandemics is still very much on).

And, pretty please, remember that we should always support each other and try to buy local whenever possible. Barcelona’s charm is formed also by these cozy little shops and although there is this “new” normal waiting for us to explore and handle, I think we should also stick to what we love, if we can.

P.s. If you want to explore the Unlocking the Lockdown series, please do! 🙂

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