Sunday in Barcelona (9) – Can Dendê.


We are living exceptionally difficult times and it might seem pretty ridiculous that I am writing about a nice place to have breakfast or brunch in a somewhat deserted Covidcelona. I agree, I am sure it is something secondary with everything going on. On another hand, though, I myself needed to learn that life does go on, even with what some call superficial details, like eating out, which is in fact nothing but superficial now, between mask or no mask, hygiene, distancing etc.

In fact, maybe a nice place where one can eat a good breakfast, listen to some chill music and enjoy the weird and incredibly, even disturbingly, silent August of 2020 is exactly what we need?

I know I did. If you happen to be the single tourist in town 🙂 or you live here and are searching for a deliciously amazing break, I must suggest my most recent discovery, hidden in plain sight on a corner in Poblenou, on Calle Ciutat de Granada 44: Can Dendê.

First thing first – this time I am not starting with the menu :), but with the special Covid measures. Now, there are official measures that everybody should follow, but this is Barcelona and I have seen far too many places ignoring them. Between my personal anxiety and the amount of knowledge about the actual danger brought by being a medical doctor, I assure you I am scanning everything in the smallest of details and I think that Can Dendê does foster the needed safe environment. The rules are clearly stated, there is distance between tables, smoking is not allowed, masks are mandatory for the staff and when going to the loo, there are no physical menus etc. There is always a risk, of course, but the measures are there.

Opening hours: Thursday and Friday 11h – 15h30; Saturday and Sunday 10h30 – 16h. Always check before hand. They take reservations and the place is dog-friendly. So much that this cute precious soul is always ready to attend your need for oxytocin release:

The food and drinks: They have lemonade, which is always awesome and ice tea and other surprises. Of course, there is a large selection of tasty and interesting dishes available.

I ordered this thing (salted pancakes) and it was delicious, even though it had a lot of coriander which I personally hate:

I heard good things about the smashed burger also. I have also tried some little Brasilian breads and the desserts looked amazing – must try one next time!

Prices: A bit above the usual Barcelona price, but I would say that the ratio quality-quantity-price is more than favorable. With about 20 euros per person I think you are covered.

Why you should go: The staff is extremely friendly, helpful and kind. The vibe is very relaxing. The place looks amazing. The food is mouth-watering. There is always at least a dog present. They have lemonade. They respect the Covid protocol.

Do give it a try, it honestly was a great discovery.

Be good, do good, eat good! 🙂


P.s. If you are trying to find similar places and you ran out of ideas, please search this blog by “Sunday in Barcelona” and some of my favorites will come up. Let the yummyness come your way!

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