Weekly Mixed Cuentos (11/2020).

Hola, my dears!

I hope this series of articles brings a little something to think about, to have fun with or to simply enjoy. If you wish to share some recommendations of your own, please do! (The comments are below 🙂 ). Here I go, meanwhile:

To Listen

Is Ricky Martin not hipster enough? I remember so many times as a teenager when I was faking being in love with some, honestly speaking, horrendous bands just because it was fashionable so. I also remember being bullied just for listening to rock music and wearing black (also horrendous). Anyway, I am not ashamed of my musical past, with some secret exceptions. Anyway, this song is very delicate and the lyrics are simply beautiful, so do give it a try, please!

To see

I have enjoyed (and also cried a lot) watching World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji (on Prime Video). Nature, strength, pain, powerful stories, inspiration all around. Reminded me of my Scouts’ days and the excruciating journey of healing by testing your limits against the almighty Nature.

Other stuff

The 17th century version of Facebook: Friendship books.

This – mandatory view for everybody, in my humble opinion:

This video is pure poetry in motion:

Science is fascinating. And chemistry is one of the most fun to watch:

Tips on How to be supportive:

and on How to Accept a Compliment:

Currently reading:

  • Hunger, A memoir of (My) Body – Roxanne Gay
  • The Underground Railroad – Colson Whitehead

That’s all, folks – as chaotic and mixed as ever!

Be good and do good!



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