Unlocking the lockdown: Food.

New Year, same me, so to nobody´s surprise I randomly appear around here after being hidden in work, tears, pain, chocolate and the unbreakable claws of anxiety with some suggestions for the foodies who are still around in Barcelona. My keyboard, command of the English language and mind are rusted, but the time has come and I am back.

We are currently experiencing a sort of an easier type of lockdown and I guess this is not the place to further detail the current rules and restrictions. And for most of the restaurants to still exist when this whole craziness improves, we should try to support them in the best way possible for us.

As superficial as this post might seem, for me it comes from the bottom of my dark and twisted soul. I thought about writing it for a long time, but I was, unfortunately, too lazy to do it. I know my impact is so very small, but, still, something is more than nothing, right?

So I want to share some of the places I absolutely adore, not only for the amazing food, but also for the way they conduct their business, for the warmth and love with which they surround their clients and for the sweet memories of better days when the lunch menu was my Zen moment or the line for buying bread was the highlight of my afternoon (I do realize I paint myself in rather black tones, but it is what it is).

Here I go:


Baluard – Pau Claris 188. The bread is a m a z i n g, there is one type for you whatever your taste or diets commands, the stuff is super friendly and kind and the smell is a lovely highway to heaven.

Boulangerie Mayer – Diluvi 11. Although I had a very bad experience with a member of the staff who was extremely rude, I cannot stop recommending this place for the yummy Babka and the amazing croissants.

Obrador la Nena – Santa Tecla 8. They also have a daily menu, but their undisputed masterpieces are the cakes and biscuits, especially the almond biscuits and the lemon cakes.

Affordable and Delicious Lunch Menus:

Estel de Gracia – Very good quality at a very good price. Now that winter has finally come around here also, their creamy hot soups are the best possible choice. The staff is nothing short of amazing, with a great vibe. I miss lunches at Estel so very much.

Les Tres a la Cuina – Maybe the healthiest and most balanced lunch menu I have tried. They publish the menu options for the whole week on Sunday, so one can choose well in advance. On Thursday they generally have a special fish option and Friday is Burger day, with vegetarian choice included. The portions are just right and the staff, again, is the best:

La Singular – They publish the menu on their Instagram at 08 p.m. for the next day. The flavors and mix of ingredients are always on point, albeit innovative. I adore some of the options they repeat, such as the lemon chicken. The salads are the opposite of boring, true art in a plate (or in a tupper in this case 🙂 ).

For Pizza, the best of the best is:

For breakfast and brunch, without the tiniest shadow of a doubt, Can Dende, with the special prize for the most pandemics rules compliant place I ever attended outside hospitals. They care for the health of the clients not in a stressful way, but in a kind, yet efficient manner.

P.s. I have to say that some of my dearest places, even some so dear that I wrote about them around here, were very disappointing in terms of respecting the COVID measures, hence I have taken the decision to never go there again, because at this point it is not acceptable for me to have someone care so little about the clients as to put their health in danger. It was a valuable lesson and I am sad I had to learn it like this, but, nope, never again.

P.s. of the P.s.: I am very sure I have forgotten some beautiful places, so I´ll keep the list open just in case my memory decides to show up.

Be good, do good and eat good in this year 01 after Cov-2, as I have not very originally decided to call it.



Last P.s.: If you need it, please feel free to check my Unlocking the Lockdown collection of articles, you might find something useful there, whether it is yoga, food for thought or tips for your mental wellbeing.

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