Weekly Mixed Cuentos (01/2021).

Today is, again and unfortunately for the last time this winter, a public holiday and a very beautiful one I have to say, because people are celebrating the Reyes Magos with sugar and presents, like every other important holiday, I guess.

I also have the day off and while I do not need a reason to get a sugar high, I do have to grip this weird creative energy that makes me open a blank page and write something around here, so I shall post the first weekly mixed cuentos of the year today. As you know, this is random, I am a mess in terms of organizing posts and publications and taking care of this very tiny corner of the worldwide web. It is what it is.

This is not the place where you’ll read how we should take the positives out of 2020, nor a list of the best 1000 books of 2020, or new year, new me resolutions. Sorry, but not sorry 🙂 I am not saying those things are bad or should not be addressed on blogs. I just do not feel the need to add to that pile.

Now that you have been warned, I do have some recommendations for starting the year with a bit of purpose (I struggle to find mine, truth be told). Why would anyone care about my suggestions, I don’t know, but I promise they are, at the very minimum, worth exploring. Hence, here you’ll find a list of things to do, see, read or listen in year 01 after Cov-2:

  • Read the mind-blowing, life-changing and soul storming Why Fish Don’t Exist: A Story of Loss, Love, and the Hidden Order of Life by Lulu Miller. I don’t own enough words to explain how much I loved this book, I read it slowly because I did not want it to finish, but I was also very interested in finding out where will it go in the end. No spoilers, so I won’t say more, but the book is gooooood.
  • Find some time and space to see this especially beautiful interview with Elif Shafak. So much wisdom, so much grace, such inspiring ideas.
  • Try to bring some yoga in your life, either with the challenge from Yoga with Adrienne (free, on her Youtube channel. I mention it because it seems to be very popular and easy to follow, but I for one could never quite follow it) or with a personal yoga teacher. Paula from Baila Yoga is conducting a programme of live yoga every morning through Zoom. Another teacher whose style I like very much is Irene. I struggle a lot to find my pace in yoga at this moment in time, but I cannot deny the immense benefit the practice brought me throughout the last year, so I am trying to be present.
  • Open a new window somewhere in the world. And dream!
  • Spend an evening on Zoom with the ever so awesome Elizabeth Gilbert 🙂
  • Laugh:
  • Then laugh some more:
  • Be amazed:


That’s all I’ve got for today.

Do good and be good!



Featured photo: Lubo Minar on Unsplash

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