Weekly Mixed Cuentos (02/2021).


Here I am again with very random recommendations for your eyes, ears, mind, soul, whichever way you need it.

To listen

I am a bit addicted these days to this Youtube channel.

This Hidden Brain episode (When you start to miss Tony from the Accounting) is pure gold and so relatable for those crowds of people working from home now and always.

Also, in more nostalgic notes, Gwen Stefani reintroduces herself, leaving us with the important question: which year are we in, again?, since she looks exactly the same as maaaany years ago 🙂

Remember forests? I miss wandering soooo much, but luckily there are ways to ease this pain: tree.fm While you’re there, you can even plant some tress. Yes, that’s right!

To see

I saw this precious jewel yesterday, again, I could not possibly love it more:

Random other stuff

Here you can find a collection of messages that capture the heart-breaking goodbyes of COVID-19 victims. I guess we are all in different stages of our adaptation to this pandemic, also in very heterogenous scenarios each of us, but I think it is important to ground ourselves, from time to time, and capture the immensity of loss that this virus has brought. We all lost something, surely, but some of us lost somebody. Many of us lost somebody, actually, for instance more than 375000 American families. We must remember that. Always.

In other news, something mesmerizing, for a change of mood:

In a newsletter I discovered a fascinating website: an “archive of old exercise books that allows everyone to discover the history, education, and daily life of children and youth of the past through this unique material.” I browsed around endlessly and my favorite for now, since I love the year 1985 for superficial, but obvious, reasons, is this one.

That’s all, for now 🙂

See you!



P.s. Something funny, but creepy. But funny:

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