Weekly Mixed Cuentos (04/2021).


Last day of January, truly a surprise when I checked the date. I live in a parallel universe somewhat, where all days are the same, mainly very difficult and chaotic. I struggle to find beautiful things to share here, but I guess it is great option to clear my mind and share something useful for somebody else meanwhile, so this is why I keep trying.

To see

The Dig is a beautiful movie, based on an important true story, describing the excavation at the Sutton Hoo. Being as ignorant as I admitted to be regarding history in general, this was the first time I ever heard anything about this, so I reckon it is pretty informative apart from great acting and amazing images:

I have attended a webinar this week with the nothing short of amazingly brilliant Dr. Bonnie Bassler and I cannot recommend her Ted Talk on How Bacteria Talk enough. Even if you are not especially attracted by this topic, it is worth your time, because it is super extra interesting and the woman is a genius!

To listen

Random other things

A little free art gallery, a balm for sore souls.

One can still dream, so here you can find a list of 12 Slow Travel Destinations for 2021. (Granada is in there, not so slow now with so many earthquakes, but hopefully this too shall pass without bigger problems)

Women reading:

Great news:

And some wonderful piece of advice:

Be good!



Featured Photo by Muhammad Saushan on Unsplash

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