Barcelona: Cosmetics shops with a twist.

My friends, we have reached that point when I can no longer hide my long-term secret plan of becoming an influencer talking about eye creams and vitamin C serums while filming the shortest get ready with me video ever. I am, of course, joking. Or am I, really? 🙂

Anyway, I thought about sharing some cosmetics shops in Barcelona that I like. First thing first, I have to say that I am not fully enchanted by the marketing some of the brands that I usually purchase or these shops use, because I do not think that natural is better by default, nor do I consider that labeling approved ingredients as toxic or, the illogical one of them all, “artificial” is really fair.

But that is a story for another time, the reason for which I am writing about these shops is because they are special in a way or another, with some products that I like. The shopping experience used to be fun and relaxing before the current restrictions, but it is not really that bad now either. However, please choose wisely and don’t fall in any false claims traps, pretty please!

My latest, but by far most magical discovery is isidro.cosmetic shop.

Where: Marià Aguiló 83 (Poblenou). Site (with online shop), Facebook page, Instagram page.

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Source: isidro.cosmetic shop Facebook page

The shop is a little fairytale, which smells like heaven, open since 2014 by Isidro, a very kind, funny and positive person. I was overwhelmed by the attention received and also by the extended dreamy soap selection. They stock brands I adore, such as Madara or Marvis, but also unique perfumes, magic candles and so much more.

No photo description available.
Source: isidro.cosmetic shop Facebook page

I bought some of the Christmas gifts there and it was one of the highlights of an otherwise gloomy time. They handled the gifts with so much care, provided me with adorable samples and all in all made me feel good. I recommend it for the energy, the products and the whole client experience. Big like!

Another wonderland is Adonia.

May be an image of 2 people, hair and cosmetics
Source: Cosmetica natural Adonia Facebook

Where: I usually go the Gracia shop. Check their site for details (includes online shop). Facebook page here, Instagram here.

Their offer is pretty huge, including some of the brands I love, like Madara, Kivvi and Annemarie Borlind. The prices are good, but I have to say that the experience is not always outstanding. It is a rather independent way of shopping, which is not bad, but not always very welcoming, I guess.

For Korean cosmetics fans (and not only, obviously), there are 2 Disneyland-like places you would want to check out when in Barcelona. They have a very large range of products, but my target are the masks, generally. I used to love masks even before they were fashionable! 🙂

MiiN Cosmetics (Pau Claris 110)

Mi-Mo Korean Cosmetics (Roger de Llúria, 123). Very nice little shop, huge mask bar.

Finally, I discovered an online shop upon looking for YOPE products (I adore their liquid soaps): Laia Martin Beauty Shop. I highly recommend it, the prices are good with regular discounts, small presents and personalized advice.

I am sure there are many more cute little shops waiting to be discovered around Barcelona. Not really my area of expertise, but I hope to have provided you with some good tips should you ever need to buy a different type of mask during your Barcelona stay! 🙂

Featured Photo by Carolina Heza on Unsplash

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