Weekly Mixed Cuentos (05/2021).

Hello! 🙂

Press play and keep on scrolling.

Or don’t, whatever rocks your reading boat. Let’s dig in with some very mixed topics:

Here you can find an unique project, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, described as an experiment meant to make the emotional impact of the pandemic visible. You can explore hundreds of thousands of Tweets, organized by sentiment. They used AI to give a more human lens to the pandemic, as ironic as it might seem. I loved playing around, do try and see what you discover.

This – reason number 100989313 to have New Zealand on my bucket list of destinations:

Coloured scanning electron micrograph image of a section through the organ of Corti in the cochlear of the inner ear. Beautiful!

Something pink and blooming, because spring is near, I can feel it:

Windows of the World, a touchingly beautiful project, here. In the photo below, windows of Barcelona, which are, indeed, quite special:

Windows of the World - Barcelona, Spain

Here you can “drive” around various cities around the world, including Barcelona, Mumbai or Oslo, while listening to a local radio. It is relaxing and an easy way of treating our pandemic-induced wanderlust.

An older, but very captivating article on why we forget most of the books we read: “Books, shows, movies, and songs aren’t files we upload to our brains—they’re part of the tapestry of life, woven in with everything else. From a distance, it may become harder to see a single thread clearly, but it’s still in there.

Have a great week!



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