Weekly Mixed Cuentos (06/2021).


Are you ready for another round of randomly mixed stories? Hope so! 🙂

To listen

I had another song on my mind for this, but I listened this morning to the masterpiece below and I felt it must be shared. It is so sweet, so soft, so beautiful, makes me feel all the feels at once:

To See

I have not always been a big Arya fan during the Game of Thrones years, but there is something pretty intriguing about her fighting ways, her list and her personality as a whole. A little bit of that, but funnier and without a really horrible ending can be found in Two Weeks to Live. The six episodes felt too short and the finale was a bit rushed, but I generally enjoyed it. I saw many negative reviews around the Internet, so I have to assume it is not a masterpiece, but I liked it…It reminds me of the vibe from The End of the F***ing World, if that helps in any way 🙂

To Read

An essay on the type of love that makes the people happiest.

Amazing views from natural parks.

20 ways to give purpose to your *hopefully* daily walk.


Some more art:

Brain workout – learning a new language:

The problem with learning a foreign language is that people really just want the end result — to be fluent,” Caldwell-Harris adds. While fluency is an admirable goal, the real payoff for the brain begins as soon as a person starts learning. And it doesn’t stop


An interview with Isabel Allende.

Be good!



Featured Photo by Biegun Wschodni on Unsplash

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