Weekly Mixed Cuentos (07/2021).


To everybody’s surprise, including mine, I am on track with these weekly mixed cuentos. I am, however, thinking about moving to monthly such articles, because time does not allow me find enough quality things to recommend and I would rather not lose the little charm they have, that being my heart along the lines, because I am usually emotionally invested in everything appearing here. We’ll see! 🙂 Meanwhile, as random as ever:

To listen

To see

A movie that feels like a warm blanket made of rose spikes. It is perfect for a Sunday afternoon, it describes a bitter sweet story, the images are breathtaking, the acting exquisite. Loved it!

To read

Very late to that party, but I read one of the best books ever this last week and I have to share it – Where the crawdads sing, by Delia Owens. It was so good that I had to wake up very early one morning just to see how it ends and if there is something to be known about me is that I absolutely hate mornings, so, there it is. If you read it in English, it might be a bit difficult at the beginning, because of the type of English used (maybe old words? not sure and I wouldn’t want to assume, it was just a bit weird for me). But it grows on you and the story and writing are outstanding!

Other stuff

I haven’t read his book (yet), but I can surely watch him being his awesome self while discussing about the book with very impressive students:

An important reminder about women in science making a huge difference during these times.

Nature painting in fine colours (I am still doubting that this is real, but it seems it is(:

As if we didn’t already have a huge to-read list, here is another one, with with 100 books to read from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

To end things, a valuable piece of advice:

and a potential cure for the chronic wanderlust….

Have a nice week!



Featured photo: First glimpses of spring in Barcelona, as pictured through my very limited phone camera.

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