March Mixed Cuentos.


This hectic random selection of mixed cuentos to see, to listen, to feel and to think about is now a more summarized monthly delivery. I am hoping it will be relevant like this and it will maintain its personal note. Writing it weekly took too much out of me lately, I find this more practical. Let me know what you think, if anything!

To see

A movie: News of the World, on Netflix, starring Tom Hanks. A bit too much adrenaline for my taste, but in the end a feel good movie, as weird as that seems.

Miniseries: What might be my favorite one in the last year after Outlander and surely in my top 10 ever, Why women kill. It is funny, it is dramatic, it is catchy, it is intelligently written. Adored it.

Powerful, eye-opening and soul-wrecking doc: Natura Umana – the first Romanian documentary exploring the relationship between humans, animals and nature in general. It is not easy to watch, but I find it very important. You can see it with English subtitles here.

To read and other stuff

A book: The Dutch House, by Ann Patchett. The audio version read by Tom Hanks, available (At least on) on Scribd is a m a z i n g.

A guide on how to do 50 (random) things. You’ll adore it, I promise.

The winners of the Dance your Ph.D. contest are something else:

Women empowering women through the travel industry.

Something beautiful:

Time capsules and-or extremely beautiful metro stations.

Some interesting hypothetical science questions answered.

If you miss your mornings or evenings at the bar, check this out and play around a little.

The most beautiful bacteria ever. Pure awesomeness!

That’s all for now, enjoy April and “see” you soon *hopefully*!



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