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Romanian by soul and blood. Barcelonian by choice. Passionate sleeper. Reader. Information seeker. Mixed stories creator. Feminist. Chocolate lover. Compulsive dreamer. Survivor. High on anxiety. Obsessive list maker. M.D.

Sunday in Barcelona (3).

Sunday once again. It seems like the days are flying and with this summer relaxing vibe we can celebrate each day as a “Sunday”. As we actually should, always. Today I have a more active suggestion, different than my other 2 #sundayinbarcelona articles, where I suggested crepes and […]


So these days I feel a bit under the weather. Truly, because it was soooo hot here and between the daily sunscreen bathing, the constant sweating and the “bochorno”, as they call it (the google translate says it is “sultriness” in English, it is basically saying that you […]

Sunday in Barcelona (2)

Sunday once again and here I am with a new recommendation. Even though summer officially starts here next week, when the famous and noisy Sant Joan festival takes place, I can safely say that the days are already hot, long and veeery sunny. Just a word about the […]

Sunday in Barcelona

Buenos días, world!  This is my first post and while I am trying to organize everything a little bit I am also searching for some sort of posting routine. I am not sure where this is going and which language I´ll post in (most likely a mix, like […]