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Romanian by soul and blood. Barcelonian by choice. Passionate sleeper. Reader. Information seeker. Mixed stories creator. Feminist. Chocolate lover. Compulsive dreamer. Survivor. High on anxiety. Obsessive list maker. M.D.

Alice in Wonderland.

This article is the first one of what I plan to be a long-term series of posts under the umbrella Medicine: a Fascinating Puzzle. Not sure where it will go […]

Superblog – Volumul trei.

Pe lângă numărătorile și statisticile nesuferite și tragice cu care ne ocupăm zilele acestea, toamna se numără și bobocii, pozele din vacanță – pentru cine a fost cazul în teribila […]

Some books.

For obvious and not obvious reasons I have not written too much around here lately. I struggle with self-confidence and with the notion of relevance in the middle of so […]