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Blogmas – Day 6: About traditions.

Christmas means tradition and it is beautiful to discover other rituals, memories and habits. Or create new ones, when you are away from home and you need to adapt your routine to the new order of things. That being said, Christmas away is rather difficult, at least for […]

Mixed Recommendations of the Week (20).

Hola! Welcome to the weekly list of recommendations which have no connection or sense whatsoever 🙂 Hectic days around here, hopefully things will slow down a little come May. First thing first, music. Anouk was, is and will always be pure awesomeness: I said it many times, I […]

Sunday in Barcelona (7) – Nolita Brunch.

Hola! Happy Easter for all of us celebrating today! Another #sundayinbarcelona recommendation coming right at you 🙂  As you might already know, I try to write here about the somewhat hidden places, because there are so many extra-hyped ones that are truly abysmal and, as I said so […]

Barcelona Fiestas: Sant Jordi.

It is generally difficult for a big, busy city to stay faithful to its traditions, celebrations and fiestas, but Barcelona is an example that it can be done. There is not a week without some sort of celebration. People care about their traditions, they enjoy each and every […]

Sunday in Barcelona (6) – Cafè Godot

Hola! Someone finally remembered what this blog was initially about and here I am with another #sundayinbarcelona suggestion (the last one was in October, so…). This time, I am going for a classic: a nice brunch spot 🙂  Now, brunching is really trendy nowadays in Barcelona, so there […]

Barcelonian Reading Corners.

The sun is up, the weather is friendly, so I thought I´d share a list of places where you can spend some quality time with your book, in the (almost) spring light. Now, of course, one can read anywhere, in the metro, in one of the million cafés […]