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Weekly Mixed Cuentos (4/2020).

Hello! Back again with some mixed cuentos. First, music, as always! Jessie Ware is one of my favorite artists ever, especially because she is the voice of a certain poetic song which is very important to me. Thus, I was so happy when I saw her new song. […]

Weekly Mixed Cuentos (3/2020).

Hello! Here I am once again with some weekly mixed stories. First, music. I had it on repeat lately, love it: Grab all the tissues around and watch this: In other news, Ikea became the first retailer to let the customers pay using their time. I think that […]

Weekly Mixed Cuentos (2/2020).

Hello, there! It seems very counter intuitive that I continue to name these articles “weekly” and we are almost in March while I am still writing the second article of the year from this series, but I’ll stick to it – for tradition and motivation, at least. Without […]

Weekly Mixed Cuentos (1/2020).

Hello, dear ones! I am back with some mixed random stuff for you to check out, should you feel the need to do that with yet another list of things. 🙂 I, for one, have a gigantic to-read list saved everywhere, it just never seems to finish, this […]

So, this was Christmas.

Christmas is already (at least, officially) a thing of the past and I am, once again, puzzled by how little I have truly enjoyed it as such. It was a clear improvement compared to other years, that is also true, but, as always, December was all over the […]

Blogmas – Ziua 7: Despre acceptare.

Accept că nu am energie suplimentară pentru a face față acestei provocări numită Blogmas, pe care de altfel eu însămi am ales-o, cu degetele mele. Viața e mult prea încâlcită, dezamăgirile sunt suficient de greu de gestionat și obligațiile sunt suficient de multe, ca să mai tremur și […]