Some books.

For obvious and not obvious reasons I have not written too much around here lately. I struggle with self-confidence and with the notion of relevance in the middle of so […]

Books of January.

Now that March is almost here, it is the perfect time to finally write about the books I read in January, right? #flawlesslogic 🙂 I thought a lot about what […]

Blogmas – Ziua 7: Despre acceptare.

Accept că nu am energie suplimentară pentru a face față acestei provocări numită Blogmas, pe care de altfel eu însămi am ales-o, cu degetele mele. Viața e mult prea încâlcită, dezamăgirile sunt suficient de greu de gestionat și obligațiile sunt suficient de multe, ca să mai tremur și la gândul […]

April Book.

Yes, you read that right. Book, No “S” at the end. Life happened, so I only managed to read one book in April, but I have to say that it […]

March Books.

Hello! I am late with this, late with everything, but I have a decent excuse: I was-am pretty sick. Nothing major (I think), but very nerve-racking. Back to the point, […]

February Books.

Hola! I am so late with everything, I know I said this so many times already here, but it seems to me that time is running away and I am […]