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Sound for Mind – Podcasts: Hidden Brain

First thing first: the featured photo, as per tradition, includes a dog with somewhat big ears. 🙂 I usually use my photos, Unsplash photos or something like that, but I decided that I might as well use photos of dogs in adoption. The precious soul in the featured […]

Sound for Mind – Podcasts: Modern Love

As started last week, I am recommending podcasts that I find useful, beautiful, funny or simply mind-blowing. And yes, I once again chose a photo with a sweet dog, so I am also recommending you to watch dog photos. I think that is scientifically proven to boost your […]

Sound for Mind – Podcasts: Invisibilia.

Like many other things in my life, I was vastly ignorant regarding the existence of podcasts until one day when I discovered (by pure chance) one that I absolutely adored and just like that I became podcast-addicted. I really cannot believe that there are so many podcasts out […]