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Sunday in Barcelona (7) – Nolita Brunch.

Hola! Happy Easter for all of us celebrating today! Another #sundayinbarcelona recommendation coming right at you 🙂  As you might already know, I try to write here about the somewhat hidden places, because there are so many extra-hyped ones that are truly abysmal and, as I said so […]

Sunday in Barcelona (6) – Cafè Godot

Hola! Someone finally remembered what this blog was initially about and here I am with another #sundayinbarcelona suggestion (the last one was in October, so…). This time, I am going for a classic: a nice brunch spot 🙂  Now, brunching is really trendy nowadays in Barcelona, so there […]

Sunday in Barcelona (5).

Here I am again with another recommendation. This time it is a breakfast-brunch-sweet stop-cozy reunion type of place. *If you want to see my other #sundayinbarcelona recommendations, just check my other posts (I do not have yet a well-defined navigation menu on this blog, because as it seems […]

Sunday in Barcelona (4)

Full summer mode in Barcelona and I have to admit that this is my least favorite season here. I enjoy long summer nights, the sea and the full range of events to be discovered, but my head, my lungs, my hair and my skin really struggle with this […]

Sunday in Barcelona (3).

Sunday once again. It seems like the days are flying and with this summer relaxing vibe we can celebrate each day as a “Sunday”. As we actually should, always. Today I have a more active suggestion, different than my other 2 #sundayinbarcelona articles, where I suggested crepes and […]

Sunday in Barcelona (2)

Sunday once again and here I am with a new recommendation. Even though summer officially starts here next week, when the famous and noisy Sant Joan festival takes place, I can safely say that the days are already hot, long and veeery sunny. Just a word about the […]

Sunday in Barcelona

Buenos días, world!  This is my first post and while I am trying to organize everything a little bit I am also searching for some sort of posting routine. I am not sure where this is going and which language I´ll post in (most likely a mix, like […]